So you need a website built and have heard the terms ‘web designer’ and ‘web developer’ thrown around. Perhaps you are now wondering which of these is the correct person to contact.


Here we take a look at some of the key differences between the two:


Web Designer Web Developer
Focus on the design of a website Focus on the core structure and functionality
Construct site layout Works on the behind-the-scenes parts
Streamline user experience Uses advanced coding and programming
Deploy responsive versions Ongoing website support and maintenance 


Considering the differences, you are still probably wondering which one is best to build your site. Well, the answer is, both are. Should you end up with a web designer without coding/programming skills, you make need to hire an additional back-end developer to add functionality. Or conversely, if you go with a web developer, they may lack design skills – which will see you end up with a less than visually pleasing result.


The ultimate budget-savvy solution is that you find a full-stack web designer/team who can make the site beautiful plus take care of any back-end functionality needs. We at Brightweb offer both design and development as standard, meaning you don’t need to see out additional external services. 


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