Brand Power Pack Terms and Conditions

Nobody likes reading terms and conditions and if you are reading these, good on you. It is short and only 25 points.

These terms are important to take note of because you get a clear understanding of what is in the offer, how it works, what you can expect and what we can’t add for nothing, since we’d go under if we did.


These packages have been well thought out and planned and we’re certain that they don’t just offer great value, they also offer a lot of really useful and beneficial features that make a comprehensive online and offline business entity.


  1. The cost of the packages is inclusive of the features listed but exclude additional features and customisation.
  2. Where possible we will entertain additions and changes if they are manageable and workable within allotted time and resources for the project.
  3. The Integral BrandDNA process must be completed first before any of the other brand and website development can be done. It guides brand positioning, language and styling.
  4. The process commences upon receipt of signed acceptance form (which we will provide during onboarding) and receipt of deposit of 40% of total cost or first payment, if paid monthly. An invoice for deposit will be issued upon acceptance of the offer. Please email acceptance to
  5. The balance will be invoiced upon completion of the site or one calendar month after site build commences.
  6. Any additional services decided on/requested (additional pages, copywriting, purchased stock images) will be costed and quoted, and will be added to the final invoice.
  7. Ongoing maintenance, updates and changes to the website are not included in the offer and are negotiated based on the client’s requirements.
  8. Hosting and domain registration is included in the Premium and Pro packages for the first year. Thereafter R165 per month which includes annual domain renewal and management.
  9. Clients using the standard package are encouraged to opt for hosting and domain management at R165 – should you choose to use a third-party host that require additional detection, discovery and configuration, you may be responsible for additional hourly setup charges.
  10. The logo and website design portions comprise initial design, one main revision and required small adjustments.
  11. Content must be supplied punctually to enable completion of the site within the allotted time.
  12. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is not included in any of the Brand Power Pack packages, however we do include basic on-page SEO setup and index readiness based on an SEO essentials checklist.
  13. On-page SEO consists of in situ use of heading tags, keyword rich copy (to be supplied), naming of images (with titles & alt tags), meta descriptions, page slug keywords and page titles.
  14. Copyright of design, content and interface will transfer to the client upon full settlement.
  15. Design and development work remains the property of Brightweb until full payment is made.
  16. Brightweb reserves the right to withdraw, reclaim or discontinue services that are in arrears or default.
  17. Should the project not continue as a result of circumstances on the side of you the client, a portion of the deposit may be reimbursed, dependent on the work completed such as: pre-production, account setup, hosting and domain setup, installation of platform and builder, consultations and project research.
  18. Should work described in point 11 exceed the amount billed in the deposit, you may be liable for the balance.
  19. Styling, design and functionality will be based on the brief provided in consultation with the client. Should an inadequate brief be provided, and it becomes our responsibility to supplement the creative detail, additional cost will be charged for revisions requested after the fact.
  20. Brightweb reserves the right to claim credit for design, interface design and strategy – in other words, we can add the project to our client list and portfolio.
  21. While Brightweb makes every effort to establish the accuracy of third-party rates and services quoted (if applicable), Brightweb cannot be held liable for changes in the rates or services of third parties.
  22. Photography is included on a standard on-site with travel in the Cape Town metropolitan area.
  23. Other major centres may attract additional charges due to the fee structure and requirements of third-party contracted photographers.
  24. Outlying areas will attract additional costs for travel and accommodation if required.
  25. Products for ecommerce catalogues should be shipped to us for in-studio shoots.